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How are you able to get creditors to take less money?
Our law firm has gained knowledge and relationships by working with creditors every day. We use the facts and legal defenses available to convince creditors that it’s in their best interest to settle for less.
How much should I expect to save with Debt Settlement?
Results vary. We are typically able to achieve a plan with creditors to settle our clients’ debts for 55-60 cents on the dollar. Our firm is determined to achieve the best settlement possible when dealing with creditors.
How much does your law firm charge for Debt Settlement?
You will be charged a flat fee as a percentage of the total debt enrolled. We do not charge by the hour, like other firms. This fee will not be charged until a settlement arrangement has been made. Our fees are very reasonable.
Why shouldn’t I just do this myself?
You can 100% do debt settlement own your own; just like filing your taxes, mowing your lawn, cleaning your pool, etc. When you hire a law firm that specializes in debt settlement, they use all their years of experience to negotiate the best settlement possible. The likelihood of a successful settlement is higher when you have legal professional by your side with years of experience.
Can I be sued by my creditors?
Yes, it is possible to be sued by a creditor. If you receive a summons or any other legal document from any of your creditors, it’s very important you notify us right away. While we are not able to stop a creditor from suing you, we will do everything we can to expedite a settlement and provide you with affordable options to fight back.
How long does the program take?
On average it takes anywhere between 24-48 months to resolve your debt with Paramount Law. However, it depends on your ability to save the funds that will satisfy what is needed to settle the enrolled debt.
What types of debt can Paramount Law help with?
Paramount Law can assist mainly with most credit cards, department store cards, medical bills, auto repossessions, private student loans, and any other unsecured debt. We cannot assist with any collateralized debts such as mortgages, active automobile loans, and federal student loans.
Are there any tax consequences for debt settlement?
The IRS rules creditors are allowed to report settled debts exceeding $600 as a loss. In this event the settlement must be reported by you as income. There may be ways for this tax liability to be alleviated. You should consult with your tax preparer for specific advice on the tax consequences of forgiven debt and how it applies to your financial situation.
Who is a good candidate for debt settlement?
Debt settlement is designed for anyone dealing with a financial hardship who may be falling behind or having problems making minimum payments to creditors on their unsecured debts. You must have a minimum of $7,500 in total unsecured debt to enroll with Paramount Law.
Do monthly payments get sent to my creditors while I’m enrolled in Paramount Law’s program?
No, we do not make monthly payments to your creditors in the debt settlement program. Instead, Paramount Law will negotiate down the balance on your unsecured debts and make a settlement arrangement plan with your creditors to resolve the debt.

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